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Easy Bathroom Eco Transition

Local to myself a plastic free shop located in Ramsbottom, Bury ‘Plentiful: Plastic Free Shop’ I plan on using often to buy my dry foods. Abbie the Founder of Plentiful has worked hard over the last few months to send the message of an easy sustainable life by providing us with the start up tools. I plan on following her guidance on my sustainable lifestyle journey.

I called into the shop recently and bought some product to start my transition with. Recommended by Abbie herself she spoke about starting with your bathroom products as it’s the easiest place to start. The items I bought were :

Orange & Grapefruit soap – £2.50 – Citrus fragrance and shea butter combined to make a softening and uplifting soap bar. – Gentle, vegan, no animals testing, no artificial chemicals or palm oil.

SWAP FOR : Plastic Bottled hand wash and body wash.

Foaming Soap Pouch – £3.99 - Foaming & Exfoliating natural soap pouch – Biodegradable, recyclable packaging, vegan, fair trade and 100% naturally derived. Use to clean body in the shower or bath, and for storing soap bars and ends.

SWAP FOR : Plastic Body Scrubber.

Toothpaste Tablets - £3.00 – Toothpaste tablets containing fluoride – just chew and brush. Recyclable packaging & vegan, no: preservatives, aluminium, nanoparticles, SLS.

SWAP: An effective way to ditch plastic packaging while keeping your teeth clean.

Bamboo Toilet Roll : 90p Per Roll – 50% profits donated to help build toilets. !00% Bamboo, no inks, dyes or scents, soft and strong 3-ply

Bamboo can grow more than 3 feet per day and it produces 35% more oxygen and other trees. It grows 1,000 times faster that oak and other hardwood trees. Not to mention low maintenance and doesn’t require pesticides to grow, therefore a better product to use economically as well as sustainably.

To shop at the Plentiful shop just visit her website!


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