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More Micoplastic than Stars.

February 2019, I was lucky enough to watch Professor Brian Cox on tour in Birmingham. It was amazing, so wonderful hearing all these scientific facts about the sky above our heads. Other than getting a little mind boggled with his scientific terminology one thing got my mutual understanding.

Professor Cox was talking about how large the universe is and we don't yet know what's out there or if there's another planet like ours. He expressed how precious our planet is and rather quite vulnerable in our galaxy. It got me thinking how spot on that is and does it not give us an even BIGGER reason for protecting our planet.

Through writing The Eco Paper, I've learnt so much just from the first issue I've written. I've come across so many environmental facts and this one ' There are more Microplastic in the oceans than Stars in the Milky way' has blown my mind.

If you just think about the size of the milky way and then think how big we are within that milky way it does seem INSANE. Unfortunately, this is not made up it's true and it's even more shocking to realise not many countries actually ban microplastics.

What exactly are Microplastics? and why does it matter to do something about them when they are 'micro'?

unfortunately, we live in a world with a heck of a lot of 'blissful ignorance' towards environmental problems. The plastic problem is not something to take lightly.

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic about and can be found in many cosmetic and beauty products. Microplastics get washed into the water streams after use and eventually end up in our oceans. Microplastics have even been found as far as Antarctica, which really shows the scale of the problem. It's effecting so much aquatic life and eventually will end up in our own stomachs (if it’s not already happened that is.)

I don't think anybody wants a belly full of plastic, do they? neither do animals in our oceans and the animals that thrive from the food in those oceans too.

There is a handful of countries that are actively trying to make a difference to the micro plastic crisis and have banned products with micro plastic in. It's a start but we need more countries to get involved.

Try and do your bit and check your products you buy and avoid Microplastic!

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