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Making the Change to a Sustainable Lifestyle


My name is Jessica and I am the co-founder and designer behind The Eco Paper.

Since starting the papers journey I have read and learnt so much in terms of environmental problems and how we can do our bit to help.

I started to feel my lifestyle didn’t match what I was preaching to The Eco Paper’s readers and felt that I should start changing some things to help with our planet and its environment.

Some main things really spring to mind. Changing my food shopping routine is something that I would like to prioritise. Last week I was doing my weekly food shop at the local Tesco and come to find that.

simple fruit and vegetables pretty much are all packaged in plastic! It was a huge shock and it upset me. Even buying individual items would require you using the plastic bags provided was illuminating the chance to avoid plastic. Other Supermarkets I found also package their fruit and vegetables the same way. So I feel quite strongly that using a new approach of shopping at my local farmers market for my fruit and vegetables would be a better way forward to reduce the amount of plastic packaged product I buy. Not to mention support local businesses.

Local to myself a plastic free shop located in Ramsbottom, Bury ‘Plentiful: Plastic Free Shop’ I plan on using often to buy my dry foods. Abbie the Founder of Plentiful has worked hard over the last few months to send the message of an easy sustainable life by providing us with the start up tools. I plan on following her guidance on my sustainable lifestyle journey.

I called into the shop recently and bought some product to start my transition with. Recommended by Abbie herself she spoke about starting with your bathroom products as it’s the easiest place to start.

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