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20 Eco Friendly Solutions to a Sustainable Bathroom.

Zero - Waste Bathroom
20 Eco Friendly Solutions to a Sustainable Bathroom.

The best place to start for our first introduction to a more sustainable lifestyle is your bathroom.

When I first started my Eco- friendly and sustainable lifestyle journey, it was quite overwhelming with the amount of stuff in our life that isn’t great for the environment. I felt like I instantly needed to change it all... well it’s so hard to do everything all in one go… so pick one room to start with and the bathroom is the the best to start with.

I have listed main items you may find within your bathroom and solutions to each of those products alongside. I’ve started with the most commonly used items:

1. Toothbrush-> Bamboo toothbrush’s from Hydrophil or Truthbrush. (Kids sizes also available).

2. Toothpaste->Toothpaste Tablets from Plentiful Plastic Free or Denttabs. Alternately try toothpaste Paste from Truthpaste or Georganics

3. Body Scrub-> Foaming soap pouch – plentiful plastic free or try the Ramie Scrunchie 100% natural Fibre from the Funky Soap Shop.

4. Body Wash-> Funky Soap Shop for body and face. (great for different skin types.) Friendly Soap – Facial cleaning bar is also a great alternative.

5. Shampoo-> Shampoo Bars available from: Kitenest, Wild Sage & Co, Friendly Soap, Meow Meow Tweet (VEGAN), Lamazuna , Beauty Kubes for hair and body wash.

6. Conditioner-> Plentiful Plastic free offers Intensive Conditioner Bar (Moroccan Argan Oil), Juliet Rose Hair Conditioner, Bain + Savon Conditioners, and also from Wild Sage & Co.

7. Face Wipes-> Bamboo face cloth 100% Organic from the Funky Soap Shop, Baba + Boo Face pads (They also do reusable nappies), Lamazuma makeup pad set and Helen Round’s eco range includes organic face cloths.

8. Makeup Remover-> Make Up Melt from Conscious Skincare.

9. Razor-> Safety Razor by The Naked Necessities or Mutiny

10. Shaving Cream-> Friendly Soap, Wild Sage & Co Shaving soap, and Tea Natura – Shaving cream.

11. Dental Floss-> The Humble Co and Georganics offer a variety of different types.

12. Mouthwash-> Mouthwash tablets from Georganics

13. Toilet Roll-> Who Gives a Crap 100% Recycled Toilet roll. AMAZING and so soft!

14. Sanitary Products-> A Variety of options here…Smarliners reusable pads, MoonCup menstral cup, Baba + Boo Sanitary pad bag, TOTM’s Organic Applicator Tampons.

15. Deodorant-> Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant stick, KU.TIS Natural Deodorant and i&m Deodorant.

16. Dry Shampoo-> Kitenest dry shampoo.

17. Exfoliating-> LoofCo for body exfoliating and also Konjac Sponge from Tabitha Eve Co.­

18. Flannel-> Organic flannel from Juniperseed Mercantile.

19. Cotton Swabs->The Humble Co, HydroPhil and Lamazuma ear swab.

20. Hair bobbles-> Kooshoo organic hair bobbles.

A little Extra for the First Aid Kit swap your regular plasters/band aids-> Patch Strip Plasters Available in Nude (Origional), Pandas (kids), Aloe Vera & Activated Charcoal.

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