My name is Jessica and welcome to The Eco Paper, Newspaper & Blog. 

In 2019 I started The Eco Paper after a long lasting interest in living more sustainably and the problems in our environment. I decided it was time to take action in my own life. 

It all started after receiving some plastic free/eco friendly gifts given to me for my birthday from my sister. It consisted of metal straws, jars for dry foods and a cotton reusable bag. After that I have started to change my life in a more sustainable way. 

With my background being heavily in design a didn't want to loose my creative skills digitally and hand drawings so that's when the lifestyle change developed into The Eco paper. I wanted to start a newspaper because it's part of my family's background. My dad for 35 years has worked in the media and has been a great journalist and editor. This is where he plays a part. He helps write some of the content in the paper and does most of the editorial side too. 

The blog on the other hand is all me, completely my personality and my thoughts on various subjects in the topic. 

I really hope my blog and newspaper help you find news ways in your own life to live my sustainably to protect our precious planet. 

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